Vertex Releases New Data on Potential Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Andrew Briskin For many years, a cure for type 1 diabetes has only been a pipe dream for the millions of people living with type 1 diabetes. New data from Vertex Pharmaceuticals on the first people to receive a revolutionary cell therapy for type 1 […]

Vertex’s First Patient Is Now Insulin-Free! Big News in the Race for a Type 1 Diabetes Cure

In October, we reported on the remarkable success of the first type 1 diabetes patient in the world to receive a transplant of laboratory-produced islet cells. The new cells secrete insulin in response to blood glucose levels, replacing the patient’s beta cells that lost function decades ago. Vertex released an update this month, and that […]

Study: An Old Blood Pressure Pill May Help New Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

Medical review by Dr. Elizabeth Gomez  Verapamil, a widely-used hypertension drug, may help adults with newly-diagnosed diabetes preserve their natural ability to secrete insulin. A new study has advanced an explanation for how the medication works to protect the beta cells from immune system attacks. Unlike many other potential diabetes drug therapies, this one doesn’t […]

What is LADA? (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults)

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission. Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) is a type of diabetes that is often misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetes. Also referred to as “type 1.5”, it’s actually a form of type 1 diabetes that develops very gradually. Let’s take a closer look at this […]

Celiac Disease and T1D: What’s the Connection?

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Jewels Doskicz Celiac disease and type 1 diabetes too often come hand in hand. Learn more about what celiac is, what your risk might be for this condition, and how to navigate a diagnosis. The first time Monica Lanning heard of celiac disease was when she […]

“Our Trials are Totally Different.” The Denise Faustman Interview

There’s no question that Dr. Denise Faustman does things differently. Dr. Faustman’s research has won her avid fans and raised millions from donors, but it has also provoked significant pushback from major diabetes organizations. Dr. Faustman wears that repudiation like a badge of honor, proof that her work is disruptive and important. A Maverick Approach […]

Islet Cell Transplants: How the USA Fell Behind the Rest of the World

The United States has fallen behind other countries in the effort to make pancreatic islet cell transplants available for patients with type 1 diabetes. As the technique grows in popularity through much of the developed world, in America innovation has come to a standstill. Islet transplantation is an advanced treatment for type 1 diabetes. Briefly, […]

Tackling Type 1 Diabetes – Where Are We on Technology and Research?

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Andrew Briskin Andrew Briskin joined the diaTribe Foundation in 2021 after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Health and Societies. Briskin is an Editor for diaTribe Learn. At the Milken Institute 2021 Future of Health Summit, leading experts in type 1 […]

Should We Be Screening Every Single Child for Type 1 Diabetes Risk?

If Type 1 diabetes struck you or a family member, it may well have seemed completely random, unpredictable, and unpreventable. It’s less random than it might seem—with a drop of blood, doctors can roughly estimate the risk of developing the condition, even in a newborn baby. And while the condition cannot yet be prevented, education […]

Insulin at 100, Part 3: Insulin’s Uncertain Future

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. This is Part 3 of James S. Hirsch’s exploration of the riveting history of insulin, on the occasion of its 100th birthday. Part 1: The Discovery Part 2: Failed Promises, Bold Breakthroughs Insulin’s Uncertain Future Image source: Emily Ye, Diabetes Daily As further refinements in insulin […]