Cool New Diabetes Products We Saw at #ADA2022

We spent last week at 82nd Scientific Sessions, presented by the American Diabetes Association, one of the world’s most important diabetes conferences. It is a grand gathering of the sharpest global minds in the field. It’s also an opportunity for businesses to strut their stuff and impress the many doctors and healthcare professionals. Here are […]

An Interview with Dexcom’s CEO

Early this month, at the 82nd annual Scientific Sessions diabetes conference, Diabetes Daily was lucky enough to sit down with the CEO of Dexcom, Kevin Sayer. Sayer has been with the company for 11 years, and has served as its chief executive since 2015. The company has grown exponentially under his leadership, and its continuous […]

Updates on Automated Insulin Delivery

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Matthew Garza, Automated insulin delivery systems are becoming more advanced and over time have become more widely adopted within the diabetes community. At ATTD 2022, experts presented updates on this emerging technology including results on the iLet Bionic Pancreas and MiniMed 780G. At the ATTD […]

We Have the Dexcom Updates You Need

Last week Barcelona hosted ATTD 2022, a major global diabetes technology conference, and Dexcom was there. We had an opportunity to speak to Jake Leach, Dexcom’s Chief Technology Officer, and we’ve got the updates you need. When Will the G7 Launch in the United States??? The long-awaited Dexcom G7—its debut has been significantly delayed by […]

How Can a Professional CGM Help You?

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Arvind Sommi CGMs provide information that you can use to improve your blood glucose. If you don’t currently use a CGM, your healthcare team can offer you a “professional” CGM to use for a week or two so that you can see how to increase […]

Teen Sisters Manage T1D With Sarcasm, Tenacity, and Closed-Loop Insulin Pumps

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission. By Ginger Vieira Audrey Brand was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at only 3 years old in 2009. It wasn’t until she was in the 5th grade that she was able to feel the symptoms of low blood sugars. “She could walk around with […]

Being Queer with Diabetes

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Shawn Laib People with diabetes who are also a part of the LGBTQ community face unique challenges when it comes to healthcare, dealing with stigma and body image issues. Shawn Laib describes his personal experiences while speaking to other LGBTQ people about how they manage […]

The Upside (and Downside) of Diabetes Social Media

Social media has a lot to offer those of us with chronic health conditions. Not only can it provide a sense of community with people that share our struggles, but it also offers us useful tools to help our overall well-being. We can start our day with our horoscope, enjoy a workout with a social […]

What’s Going on with the Dexcom G7?

Updated: March 14, 2022 The Dexcom G7 has secured CE Mark, which means the next-generation CGM has been approved for sale in Europe. According to a press release, Dexcom “expects to initiate a launch of Dexcom G7 in Europe in the next several weeks.” Dexcom has been hyping the next generation of its groundbreaking continuous […]