Sending Your Child to a Diabetes Camp

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Cheryl Alkon With summer quickly approaching and camp spots filling up, learn about the value of sending your child to a diabetes camp from increased independence to bonding with other children with diabetes. Summer’s hazy days aren’t so far away. Will you send your kid […]

The Value of Diabetes Camps: Building Skills and Grit in a Safe and Supervised Way

A few years ago, I attended a function for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and their caregivers. A breakout session on type 1 at school was packed with parents of newly diagnosed children, most wearing the familiar look of worry and exhaustion that us veteran parents remembered all too well. These weary […]

Type 1 Helped Create My Family

Ashley is a member of one of the Facebook support groups I am a part of. I was so amazed by her story. This one truly tells the tale of silver linings. Without diabetes, she would never have met her husband or created their beautiful family.  *** As a young child in rural Iowa, I never […]

Diabetes Care from Parent to Child: Passing the Torch of Care

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission.By Kerri Sparling Transitioning care from parent to child can be a stressful time for families with diabetes – six strategies on how to reduce the burden  Transitioning from my parents being in charge of my diabetes to assuming full care myself didn’t happen overnight. It was a […]

All About Diabetes Camp

This content originally appeared on Diabetes Connections. Republished with permission.Have you ever thought about sending your child with type 1 diabetes to a diabetes-specific camp? Check out this in-depth conversation to learn more! Have you or your child already attended camp? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments! Source: