Myth Busting Diabetes ‘Cures’

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Andrew Briskin and Julia Kenney, Products claiming to treat or even cure diabetes are everywhere, but do these so-called ‘cures’ really work? Spoiler alert: the answer is usually no. Treatments for diabetes need to be FDA-approved to ensure they are safe and effective. However, products […]

Diabetes Research Institute and Foundation: Committed to Curing Diabetes

Learn about the mission and diabetes advocacy efforts of the Diabetes Research Institute and Foundation. Check out this summary to learn more about who they are, what they do, and more. Source:

Keep on Swimming (Towards a Cure)

This content originally appeared on DiabetesDad. Republished with permission.We ‘gotta keep on swimming’. Ah, those famous words from Dory in the movie “Finding Nemo” has so much for us to learn from, don’t they? When it comes to type 1 diabetes, our kids must stay healthy today. Of that, there is no question. However, the […]