“I Needed to Demand the Best”: How I Became My Own Diabetes Advocate

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission. By BT1 Editorial Team Learning to live with and manage diabetes after a diagnosis is hard enough. Having to advocate for your diabetes care can be daunting. If you live in or grew up in a community historically underserved by healthcare systems, speaking up […]

Know the Warning Signs: The Hannah Hurlbut Story

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission. By Makaila Heifner Hannah Hurlbut’s favorite color was teal/turqoise. She would’ve told you it was blue, but her mom, Ashley Weston, would clarify that it was teal/turqoise. She loved music and arts and crafts. And like many other 12-year-olds, she wasn’t the tidiest but when […]

Type 1 Diabetes Adult Diagnoses Are More Frequent Than Just About Anyone Realizes

A new systematic review published in Diabetes Care has concluded that adult-onset type 1 diabetes is far more common than previously believed. For generations, it was widely assumed that type 1 diabetes was overwhelmingly a disease of the young. The condition even used to be known as “juvenile diabetes,” a name that was eventually tossed […]

Misdiagnosed with the Wrong Diabetes! Stories from Our Community

Misdiagnosis is shockingly common among patients with diabetes. One study, for example, revealed that about 25% of new patients with type 1 diabetes had previously been misdiagnosed with some other ailment, typically either type 2 diabetes (in adults) or bacterial and viral infections (in children). And some patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes may actually […]

Study: An Old Blood Pressure Pill May Help New Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

Medical review by Dr. Elizabeth Gomez  Verapamil, a widely-used hypertension drug, may help adults with newly-diagnosed diabetes preserve their natural ability to secrete insulin. A new study has advanced an explanation for how the medication works to protect the beta cells from immune system attacks. Unlike many other potential diabetes drug therapies, this one doesn’t […]

Why I Wanted to Get a Diabetes Autoantibodies Panel at 16 Years Old

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission. By Indigo G.A. Today, I took a test to identify if I have the autoantibodies to develop type 1 diabetes. This test was a long time coming and not an easy step for my family and me to take as my mom has been living with […]

Imagine Spotlights: Community Manager Tiana Cooks Talks T1D + Pageantry

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission. By Beyond Type 1 Imagine Spotlights is a weekly video series produced as part of ADA’s virtual Imagine Camps for kids and teens. Hosted by Rob Howe, this series features conversations with inspirational individuals affected by diabetes and offers a fun learning experience for campers and […]

My Type 2 Diabetes Is Forcing Me to Find a New Reason to Live

By Abby Hanna April 21st, 2021 was when it finally happened. It was around 1:00 am and I was dozing off in bed. With the melatonin in my system and a good day behind me, I had no reason to be up any longer. My nights were usually long and painful due to my anxiety […]

Tell the FDA What Delaying Type 1 Diabetes Would Have Meant to You

Imagine a treatment that could delay the progression of type 1 diabetes for years. How much would an extra year (or three or four) of good health have been worth for you or your loved one? It could become a reality soon. This month, the United States FDA will evaluate what would be the first-ever […]

Two Brothers Take Control of Their Type 2

Peter and Johnny are brothers and good friends of mine, we were lucky enough to meet through our sons. They both have type 2 diabetes, just like their dad did. Just recently, they promised each other to begin taking their health seriously – and the changes they’ve made have been inspiring. I want to share […]