“Our Trials are Totally Different.” The Denise Faustman Interview

There’s no question that Dr. Denise Faustman does things differently. Dr. Faustman’s research has won her avid fans and raised millions from donors, but it has also provoked significant pushback from major diabetes organizations. Dr. Faustman wears that repudiation like a badge of honor, proof that her work is disruptive and important. A Maverick Approach […]

An Update from the Controversial Dr. Denise Faustman

Remember Dr. Denise Faustman? Dr. Faustman is about as close as the type 1 diabetes world comes to having a celebrity researcher. Her lab, based at Massachusetts General Hospital, has given people with diabetes a lot of hope—and also generated plenty of controversy. The BCG Vaccine In 2018, Dr. Faustman’s team released the first results […]