How to Manage Diabetes as a High School Athlete

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Krysti Ostermeyer Exercising with diabetes is important, but it does provide some additional challenges. Learn how to navigate being an athlete while managing your diabetes from experts. Picture it: You’ve made it on the junior varsity basketball team after practicing all summer. It’s the first […]

A Diabetes Coach Reflects on 10 Years with T1D & his Fitness Journey

Eoin Costelloe was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2012, after which he embarked on a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. He hosts the Insuleoin Podcast – Redefining Diabetes, and is also a personal coach, helping his clients with nutrition, exercise, and diabetes management. He shared with us some of the advice that’s helped […]

Debate at the ADA: Should Athletes with Diabetes Go Low-Carb, or High-Carb?

By Maria Muccioli and Ross Wollen *** Do you need carbohydrates to optimize athletic performance? Or can athletes with diabetes do even better when they fuel their bodies with protein and fat? By now it’s clear that the low-carb approach to diabetes has largely gained clinical acceptance, for people with both type 2 and type […]

Two Brothers Take Control of Their Type 2

Peter and Johnny are brothers and good friends of mine, we were lucky enough to meet through our sons. They both have type 2 diabetes, just like their dad did. Just recently, they promised each other to begin taking their health seriously – and the changes they’ve made have been inspiring. I want to share […]

Losing Body Fat with Type 1 Diabetes The “Right” Way

Within 5 minutes of reading any diabetes blog or perusing through any Diabetes Facebook group, you will probably find more biased, scientifically unsupported diet advice than a poorly thought out midnight infomercial. “Keto is best!” “No, plant-based is best!” “Wrong, apple cider vinegar and intermittent dieting is best!” With so many opinions and biases, how, […]

Mandy Marquardt: Redefining Diabetes Through Racing

Mandy Marquardt is a Track Cyclist for the USA Cycling National Team and Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team. Their mission is to inspire, educate and empower everyone affected by diabetes. Mandy has been part of the team since 2010 and believes what the team does really makes a difference to […]

My Running Journey with Type 1 Diabetes

By Mariel Sotelo I am 43 years old, was diagnosed just before I turned 20 years old. The doctor misdiagnosed me with type 2. After the diagnosis of my middle daughter, I understood why I was misdiagnosed. She was diagnosed as a MODY 3 and she is now being treated with oral medication. I started […]