Review: Lakanto, the Best Sugar Substitute Around

Who Are They?

Lakanto’s mission is to bring chi, or life energy, to people by making sugar-free products to help them stay healthy. Monk fruit, which was discovered centuries ago, was found to be beneficial to people’s overall wellbeing. Lakanto continues to harvest monk fruit according to traditional and environmental methods, giving you the most authentic sugar substitute to date.

What Do They Make?

Lakanto, while it is still a young company, has a great range of products to try. Everything from their popular Golden Monkfruit Sugar Substitute to Sugar-Free Coffee Syrup. They have recently added their cookie, brownie and pancake mixes, which I was really excited to see since I don’t always want to bake. They also get rave reviews on their Sugar-Free chocolate bars and Sugar-Free Maple Syrup.

Photo credit: Lakanto

How Do Their Products Taste?

I was given several of their products to try. First, I tried baking with their natural sugar substitute. Usually, when I use a sugar substitute I am aware, while not bothered by its appearance in the recipe. Some of them even have a “cooling effect” moments after. This tasted the most similar to the real thing plus had no after taste.

The cookie mix was delicious and allowed me to enjoy while not feeling like I was overindulging on carbs. It had the perfect balance between crunchy and chewy and the chocolate satisfied my sweet tooth. The brownie mix was hands down my favorite. It was the perfect sugar-free brownie I have been dreaming about. Pair this with your favorite keto ice cream for a dessert more decadent than at a 5-star restaurant.

Next up was the pancake mix and I can’t say enough about it! I purposely didn’t mention it to my kids because they get very skeptical of “mommy’s food” but they didn’t bat an eye! And asked for seconds! It was a huge hit. I must add one more great product find–their peanut butter powder. Not only can you make your own peanut butter, with a fraction of the carbs and fat, but you can also add this protein-packed powder to shakes and smoothies.

How Did It Affect My Blood Sugars?

At no point during my food experiments did my blood sugar spike. I dosed minimal amounts of insulin for each thing I tried and saw no substantial rise in my blood glucose level. This was a huge win! Snacks, breakfast ideas and sugar substitute to bake with… that don’t affect my blood sugar? I am all in!

Where Can I Purchase?

You can buy Lakanto products directly on their website. They are also available in many grocery chains over the United States. Click here to find the location nearest you.


I highly recommend giving Lakanto products a try. With a very natural taste, this is a sugar substitute for the most skeptical of palates. The premade pancake, cookie and brownie mixes will now definitely be in my repertoire since I certainly won’t feel bad about eating sugar-free, low-fat delicious food!