Get These Diabetes-Friendly Foods at Costco Now!

I love Costco, the national wholesale shopping where members are able to purchase items in bulk at significantly reduced costs. This type of store can be overwhelming (most span 140,000 square feet, the size of several football fields added together), and many shoppers focus on the essentials. But you might be surprised at some of […]

10 Low-Carb Back-to-School Snacks

By Caroline Levens 24 count Crayola? Check. Pink Pearl eraser? Check. Expo dry erase markers? Check. There’s no doubt about it, back-to-school can take a lot of preparation, but back-to-school for families with children with diabetes adds an extra layer of complexity. Wouldn’t it be nice if prepping for a school year with diabetes was […]

How Two Irish Brothers with Type 1 Diabetes Brew Their Own Zero-Sugar Beer

Beer has a special place among the foods and beverages that are problematic for people with diabetes. Enjoy a few cans or pints and the carbohydrate content can push your blood sugar way up … just before the alcohol brings you back down with a thud. While there are lower-carb beers available, it’s mostly “lite” […]

10 Low-Carb Products I Am Eating Now

I find that sticking to a low-carb lifestyle is easier when I have delicious healthy products at home. Luckily, there are plenty of great companies catering to those who eat low-carb. Each of these foods and snacks has a low-carb count and doesn’t spike my blood sugar. It is nice to have these foods as […]

From Caveman to Caving in: Understanding Why We Eat

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Caterina Florissi and Dr. Francine Kaufman How do our brains and bodies motivate us to eat? What makes us eat past the point of hunger? And how we can develop healthier eating habits? Thousands of years ago, some of our ancestors, as hunters and gatherers, […]

10 Healthy Foods to Look For at Target

Target has become the one-stop shop for all things needed for my family and for my health. Whether it is clothing, vitamins, decor, or snacks, I am always sure to come home with more than I need. Having a store like Target means fewer errands and knowing I can pick up healthy foods and snacks […]

Comfort Without the Carbs: Dishes to Warm and Restore

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Catherine Newman In the most unusual of times, we bring you low-carb comfort food for good days, bad days, cold days, and everything in between – these recipes will warm you right up and make you feel like things are okay in the world These […]

The Keto Diet Isn’t for Everyone: A Type 1 Diabetes Perspective

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission. By Christel Oerum I’m a firm believer that there is no such thing as a “Diabetic Diet,” but that we each need to find the best diet for our bodies and mental happiness. In the search for the diet that’s right for me, I […]

Review: Enlightened Low-Carb, High-Protein, Guiltless Ice Cream

If you are looking for a guilt-free substitution for your favorite ice cream, Enlightened is the brand for you. While some of its competitors’ products lack flavor and the creaminess that I know ice cream to be, Enlightened delivers amazing taste and rich, creamy consistency that will make you think you are eating the real […]