There’s a Diabetes TV Channel Now

Ready or not, here it comes what must be the world’s first television channel dedicated totally to diabetes.

Myabetic Diabetes TV is up and running – you can find it today on Apple TV, Roku, and all other major streaming platforms. You can also watch directly on the Myabetic website.

You might be surprised at the wealth and diversity of content that the channel already has: over 60 original episodes, most of which are under 15 minutes long.

The flagship show is Real Talk, a talk show with a roundtable format that addresses specific diabetes topics. There are multiple panels (“Women with Diabetes,” “Parents of Children with Diabetes”); each has recorded at least a handful of episodes on different topics of interest.

There’s also plenty of lifestyle content:

· Three cooking shows, featuring the successful food bloggers of T’ara Talks Food and The Hangry Woman and the guys from the plant-based Mastering Diabetes program.

· Three exercise shows, each hosted by a professional trainer with diabetes.

· Ever wondered how to DJ with diabetes? Wonder no more. That’s one of the handful of practical videos the channel has produced.

· There’s even a crafting program named “Glucose and Glue Sticks.” Now you too can create your own DIY diabetes supply box.

Most surprising of all, perhaps, are the multiple spoof videos, including “The Bachelor with Diabetes” and a western, “The Ballad of the Diabetic Desperado.” These are short videos with high production values and a very, very corny sense of humor with clear viral potential. There’s also a cartoon for kids, “Chasing Unicorns.”

Myabetic Diabetes TV can get silly, but it can also get serious: two documentaries explore the experiences of people living with type 1 diabetes in Uganda and in an Iraqi refugee camp.

The new channel is the project of Myabetic, a diabetes lifestyle brand best known for its stylish bags, wallets, and travel cases, all designed to hold your glucose management paraphernalia and look good doing it.

“Myabetic Diabetes TV debuts beautifully produced films and TV shows that are unlike anything you’ve seen in diabetes,” said Myabetic founder Kyrra Richards. “By showcasing diverse perspectives and sharing authentic and relatable stories, we hope that people living with diabetes and their loved ones watch Myabetic Diabetes TV and feel less alone.”

The channel is sponsored by Tandem, and is free for all to watch. All of the regular shows have produced at least a few episodes already. Why not give it a shot?