Mounjaro, Newly Approved, Might Just Be the Best Type 2 Diabetes Drug Ever

A brand new drug has been approved for patients with type 2 diabetes. It may prove to be the most effective type 2 diabetes drug ever developed. The drug is tirzepatide (Mounjaro), and it is the innovation of the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company. It will be available in the United States soon — […]

Updates on Automated Insulin Delivery

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. By Matthew Garza, Automated insulin delivery systems are becoming more advanced and over time have become more widely adopted within the diabetes community. At ATTD 2022, experts presented updates on this emerging technology including results on the iLet Bionic Pancreas and MiniMed 780G. At the ATTD […]

These Two Diabetes Drugs Could Completely Change Weight Loss and Obesity Treatment

For most of our lives, there has been no good weight loss drug. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a small number of pharmaceuticals for weight loss, each has had critical drawbacks, such as moderate effectiveness, bad side effects, or a limit on how long they may be taken. Over the decades, […]

Vertex’s First Patient Is Now Insulin-Free! Big News in the Race for a Type 1 Diabetes Cure

In October, we reported on the remarkable success of the first type 1 diabetes patient in the world to receive a transplant of laboratory-produced islet cells. The new cells secrete insulin in response to blood glucose levels, replacing the patient’s beta cells that lost function decades ago. Vertex released an update this month, and that […]

Type 1 Diabetes Adult Diagnoses Are More Frequent Than Just About Anyone Realizes

A new systematic review published in Diabetes Care has concluded that adult-onset type 1 diabetes is far more common than previously believed. For generations, it was widely assumed that type 1 diabetes was overwhelmingly a disease of the young. The condition even used to be known as “juvenile diabetes,” a name that was eventually tossed […]

Study: Even Leaner People with Type 2 Diabetes Can Achieve Remission

A new study has demonstrated that weight loss can lead to remission from type 2 diabetes even for people that are not overweight. We already know that some people with type 2 diabetes can achieve remission, but most research suggests that it generally requires dramatic weight loss. So where does that leave patients with type […]

SGLT-2 Inhibitors Can Treat Heart Failure, Too

A new guideline issued by major American heart health authorities has recommended an important diabetes drug for the treatment of a form of heart failure. SGLT-2 inhibitors, a class of drugs used as a glucose-lowering medication for type 2 diabetes, were officially validated as an effective treatment for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, a […]

A New Study Finds that Use of the BCG Vaccine in Early Life Protects Against Type 1 Diabetes in Adulthood

Medical review by Dr. Elizabeth Gomez A new study has found that early-life use of the BCG vaccine—used across the world to prevent tuberculosis—may reduce the risks of type 1 and type 2 diabetes in adulthood. The bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine has been used to prevent tuberculosis for a century. It is one of the […]

Study: An Old Blood Pressure Pill May Help New Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

Medical review by Dr. Elizabeth Gomez  Verapamil, a widely-used hypertension drug, may help adults with newly-diagnosed diabetes preserve their natural ability to secrete insulin. A new study has advanced an explanation for how the medication works to protect the beta cells from immune system attacks. Unlike many other potential diabetes drug therapies, this one doesn’t […]

What’s Going on with the Dexcom G7?

Updated: March 14, 2022 The Dexcom G7 has secured CE Mark, which means the next-generation CGM has been approved for sale in Europe. According to a press release, Dexcom “expects to initiate a launch of Dexcom G7 in Europe in the next several weeks.” Dexcom has been hyping the next generation of its groundbreaking continuous […]