Is Ezekiel Bread Good for People With Diabetes?

Ezekiel bread is popular because people see it as an unusually wholesome bread option. What are the benefits for people with diabetes? Most sliced bread out there is made of highly refined flour, and often contains added sugar and hidden oils. For those of us with diabetes, such bread can cause glucose spikes and can […]

Review: Twisted Healthy Treats Keto Ice Cream Bars

Low-carb ice cream is hard to come by, and finding one that tastes good and is affordable isn’t an easy feat. I was thrilled to come across Twisted Healthy Treats Lick Keto Bars, which are both low-carb and sugar-free, perfect for me and my blood sugar management. This Australian company was kind enough to send […]

Review: Real Good Foods Does Low-Carb Right

Low-carb frozen and quick meal options that use quality ingredients that don’t cost an arm and a leg can be hard to come by! Real Good Foods is one company that has recently launched a variety of new products ranging from microwavable lunches and breakfast sandwiches to even ice cream. They sent me some products […]

Review: 4AllFamily Insulin Cooler

4AllFamily has invented an impressive cooler with multiple cooling options, perfect for travel in the summer. Whether you are walking around exploring a new city or relaxing beachside on a tropical island, this cooling system is sure to keep all your insulin at the proper temperature. Traveling has become more manageable and less stressful thanks […]

Review: RxSugar’s Zero-Carb Sugar and Syrups

It isn’t easy to find a natural sugar substitute that tastes good, keeps your blood sugars in check and doesn’t upset your stomach. I was pleasantly surprised to find RxSugar tasted great and was kind to both my blood sugars and my digestive system. I received RxSugar products free of charge, and all opinions are […]

Rowdy Bar: The First Prebiotic Energy Bar

Rowdy Bars are a deliciously healthy option for ultrarunners, kid athletes, busy moms, and everything in between. This tasty energy bar promotes good gut health while providing your body with essential protein and prebiotic fibers. I received samples from Rowdy Bar at no charge. I was not additionally compensated for this review and all opinions […]

Review: Wellue 02Ring-Ring Oxygen Meter

It’s the year 2020 and unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are rethinking how to monitor and manage both their family’s and their own health. With so many doctors moving to telehealth, many are purchasing important health products so they can better assess and monitor their health conditions from their own homes. The […]

Mammoth Creameries: The Keto Ice Cream That Tastes Like the Real Deal

If you eat low-carb, you probably know that there is no shortage of alternative products when it comes to our favorite treats, like ice cream. However, far from all are able to deliver a wholesome list of ingredients in a product that is blood sugar-friendly and tastes great! I received samples of several flavors of […]

Review: Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes

Splenda brand has launched Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes, the first-ever no added sugar shake specifically made to help manage blood sugar and support the needs of people living with diabetes. These shakes are a delicious option for people looking for a healthy snack and/or meal replacement that is good for both their body and blood […]