How to Deal with Uncomfortable Situations

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a coworker telling you that you shouldn’t join in on the company cake or a friend who makes an ignorant joke, there are many times where we are put into social situations where diabetes is a brunt of a joke or just blatantly misunderstood. How does this make a […]

To the Doctor Who Told Me I Couldn’t Have Type 1 Diabetes

Dear Dr. N, I walked into your office, hopefully optimistic. I was having stomach issues for quite some time and was lackadaisical about it, and it worsened. I checked out a local “mom” Facebook group to find some gastroenterologist recommendations. Your name was mentioned a few times, and your office was less than a mile […]

Food Shaming: Changing How We Talk About Food

This content originally appeared here. Republished with permission. By Brenda Manzanarez, MS, RD, and Cynthia Muñoz, Ph.D., MPH You know you shouldn’t be eating that kind of stuff, right? If you’d just eat better, you wouldn’t have to take so many medications. I know someone who cut out all carbs and cured their diabetes; have […]

How People Invalidated My Feelings Towards My Diabetes

By Madelyn Corwin I haven’t felt this way about my diabetes before this year. When I was diagnosed, it was a “do or die” attitude. No time to cry. No time to make my classmates pity me. My teachers rarely believed me when I said I needed to get a snack for a low of […]