Review: Smart Baking Company’s Latest Products

I am always looking for low-carb options that will be good for my blood sugar and my weight management. It is hard to find products that are affordable, taste good, and are low in carbohydrates and offer other health benefits. I often hear of Smart Baking Company products among the diabetes online community, so I decided to reach out and give them a try. I received their products free of charge, and all opinions are my own.

Who Are They?

Creating smarter and healthier products is Smart Baking Company’s mission statement. From their bakery in Florida, the Smart Baking team believes that food can be affordable, nutrient-dense, and tasty. They continue to make new products and they are very well-received by the diabetes community and many low-carb enthusiasts around the world.

What Products Do They Make and What Are They Made of?

Smart Baking Company makes smart cakes, muffins, and buns. All products are non-GMO, gluten, starch, and sugar-free. Their products have zero digestible carbs, which is great for weight control. They also contain vitamins B1, 6, 12, C+E, and are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids.

How Does It Taste?

Smart Cakes is a great portion-controlled snack that comes in a box of 4, with each package containing two cakes. They come in chocolate, cinnamon, lemon, vanilla latte, and raspberry cream. I particularly liked the chocolate and cinnamon just due to my taste, but all of them had a great flavor with zero aftertaste from the sweetener. They were all soft and chewy and stayed fresh. I did choose to freeze the rest and will take out one at a time, so I avoid overeating. With under 80 calories, 5 grams of fat, and zero net carbs, this is a great treat when you need something sweet.

Smart Buns are a great option to accompany your protein of choice. And doesn’t every burger deserve a bun? With Smart Buns, you no longer have to worry about blood sugar spikes that you may find from restaurant or store-bought buns. With only 63 calories and packed with 10 grams of protein, they are weight-friendly as well. Smart buns come in packs of six and come in plain and sesame.

Photo credit: Smart Baking

Smartmuf’n is Smart Baking Company’s newest product and my favorite! This generously sized muffin is the perfect low-carb breakfast that will keep your blood sugars steady and start your day off right. They have delicious flavors–chocolate chip, banana nut, and pumpkin spice. The muffins have the perfect texture and are perfectly moist. The top has a nice sugar coating, that may be a little sweet for some. These Smartmuf’n’s paired with a cup of coffee has been my morning and/or dessert guiltless pleasure!

Where Can I Purchase Smart Baking Company’s Products?

You can buy Smart Baking Products directly on their website. They have a variety of options, ranging from $8.95 to $29.99, and also offer a monthly subscription program. I was pleasantly surprised to use their store locator and find several stores that carry their products right by me. They seem to be sold anywhere from nutrition stores to fish markets!


If you are looking for low-carb products that are low in calories and high in protein and fiber, this is a product to try. After hearing rave reviews about it from the diabetes online community, I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did. I now have another tasty option that can be for both a meal or a snack, so I am glad to add it to my repertoire!