I Tried the “Miracle Berry,” the Fruit that Turns Sour Flavors Sweet

Have you heard about the flavor-flipping “miracle berry,” the fruit that turns sour into sweet without adding any sugar at all? The fruit of a West African shrub, synsepalum dulicicum, the miracle berry can modify our sense of taste so that acidic foods taste sweet. Munch on one of these little red berries, and even […]

Review: RxSugar’s Zero-Carb Sugar and Syrups

It isn’t easy to find a natural sugar substitute that tastes good, keeps your blood sugars in check and doesn’t upset your stomach. I was pleasantly surprised to find RxSugar tasted great and was kind to both my blood sugars and my digestive system. I received RxSugar products free of charge, and all opinions are […]

Review: Lakanto, the Best Sugar Substitute Around

Who Are They? Lakanto’s mission is to bring chi, or life energy, to people by making sugar-free products to help them stay healthy. Monk fruit, which was discovered centuries ago, was found to be beneficial to people’s overall wellbeing. Lakanto continues to harvest monk fruit according to traditional and environmental methods, giving you the most […]