Vertex’s First Patient Is Now Insulin-Free! Big News in the Race for a Type 1 Diabetes Cure

In October, we reported on the remarkable success of the first type 1 diabetes patient in the world to receive a transplant of laboratory-produced islet cells. The new cells secrete insulin in response to blood glucose levels, replacing the patient’s beta cells that lost function decades ago. Vertex released an update this month, and that […]

Potential Type 1 Diabetes “Milestone” – the First Trial of Gene-Edited Islet Cells Has Begun

A truly groundbreaking diabetes trial is now underway: for the first time, a patient has received a transplant of lab-grown insulin-secreting islet cells that have been gene-edited to evade the immune system. The therapy is called VCTX210, and it raises hopes that people with diabetes could one day enjoy recovered insulin production without having to […]

Insulin at 100, Part 3: Insulin’s Uncertain Future

This content originally appeared on diaTribe. Republished with permission. This is Part 3 of James S. Hirsch’s exploration of the riveting history of insulin, on the occasion of its 100th birthday. Part 1: The Discovery Part 2: Failed Promises, Bold Breakthroughs Insulin’s Uncertain Future Image source: Emily Ye, Diabetes Daily As further refinements in insulin […]

Breakthroughs in Pancreatic Cell Replacement: The ViaCyte Interview

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Manasi Sinha Jaiman, M.D., M.P.H., Vice President of Clinical Development, and Mark Daniels, Senior Director of Clinical Development, of ViaCyte, “a regenerative medicine company focused on delivering novel stem cell-derived cell replacement therapies as a functional cure for all type 1 diabetes and a next-generation treatment […]

Is a Functional Cure for Type 1 Diabetes on the Horizon?

Have you heard about the ongoing research on cell-based therapies for type 1 diabetes? Dr. Paul Laikind is the President and CEO of ViaCyte, a company that aims to develop “a product that can free patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes from long-term insulin dependence.” Hear more about the novel research and the recent […]