Five Things You Can Do for Diabetes Awareness Month

Time is somehow flying by and the end of the year is approaching. Before we try to end 2020 on a positive note and hopefully spend time with our friends and family for the holidays, we have a very important month ahead for those of us living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and it is a great time to educate, advocate and bring awareness to a disease that is sadly misunderstood by many. Some people living with diabetes choose to be loud and proud and share their journey with others, while others may choose to stay quiet and do nothing at all. There is no right way to go about this month but there are a few things you can to help support, save, and inspire others.

Here are five things you can for Diabetes Awareness Month:

Support Small Business

There are many businesses within our community that work hard to help us live a better life with diabetes. A lot of these companies have also done good for our community and beyond, like creating intubation boxes for local hospitals during COVID-10, like Pump Peelz. This is a great time to help these companies after a terrible financial year for all. We’d love to see these businesses around for a long time to come!

Use Your Social Platform

Educating on social media is a great way to reach many and give them the low down on what this disease is really all about. Many of our friends within the community, like Project Blue November, create challenges for every day of the month so you can cover quite a variety of topics and let people know more about what you go through. You can also use your social media to express your concerns about insulin affordability and the frustrations you may have with coverage on certain drugs. Make your voice heard, this is a great platform and time to do it!

Connect with Others

Social media is not only great for educating but it is great for creating relationships with others who walk our same path. My entire outlook on this disease changed once I found the diabetes online community and I know of many who feel the same way. You can see people who are living their best life despite this disease, you can learn a few new low-carb recipes, and even maybe get lucky like me and find others locally that you can get together in person with. This disease is hard to navigate, having others who are going through it is so important.

Find Ways to Save

With the holidays coming, it is an expensive time for everyone. Educate yourself on patient assistance programs, rebates and coupons available for all of your medications and supplies. Many of these companies use this month to advertise so you may be able to get some discounts. Also, you likely have reached your deductible, so order anything you need before the year is up! You also may need to enroll in your company’s health plan. Learn more about selecting the right health insurance for you and your family so you are well prepared and knowledgeable when the time comes.

Get Involved

There is a lot you can do to help others going through this journey. You can get involved with your local ADA or JDRF chapter. You can get involved with planning a walk, volunteering at an event, or even train to work with the newly diagnosed. There are also some great retreats and conferences that you should think about attending, you may learn something and make some new friends! There are a lot of rewarding opportunities and these companies and individuals much need participation and support!

Diabetes Awareness Month means something different for everyone. Do you plan on being vocal this month or commemorate the month in any way? If you do, you will be sure to educate and inspire others!